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List consultants Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM)1
Source: Business-improvement.eu
QRM: Cellular organization
Kepner-Tregoe Kepner-Tregoe

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Leenders Consultancy Leenders Consultancy

The shopfloor is your best teacher: On the shopfloor and in the support department we are facilitating your employees to reduce the waste in the processes and the systems. As a result your operational and financial (cashflow and profit) performance will improve substantial.

No Lean Manufacturing without Lean Management: Lean Management is necessary for sustainable process improvements. At the operational level we use the Lean Control approach to implement robust solutions.

Improve better with Lean, QRM and Six Sigma: We deliver training, consultancy and projectmanagement in Lean Manufacturing, QRM and Six Sigma for management, engineering and shopfloor to facilitate the Lean implementation.

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3rdWave 3rdWave

3rd Wave is convinced that Quick Response Manufacturing will change the production industry. Time and Lead Time Reduction will be the key words.
QRM Management Consultancy & Training: Management must convey this message first: QRM stands for Time-Based instead of Cost-based Management.
QRM Implementation: 3rd Wave supports the introduction of QRM in the organization with flexible deployment and degree of involvement. QRM systems:
Waves QRM Polca: QRM work order execution by QRM Cells
Waves QRM MES: Work order creation and Capacity Planning
Waves SCMS: Fully Integrated Supply Chain package for MCT control.
The modules work integrated or co-operate with existing ERP systems.

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