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Fullfact Solutions BVProfile FullFact Solutions: how do they distinguish themselves?
OEE Toolkit from and for the shop floor
This article is sponsored by Fullfact , 02-09-21

In the year 2021, manufacturers are faced with a shorter time-to-market, small production runs, tight budgets and higher quality requirements. Running manufacturing processes smoothly, requires a reliable functioning machine park. To provide insight into the status of this machine park and to continuously improve it, FullFact Solutions provides a software suite (OEE Toolkit) for measuring the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Characteristics of this OEE Toolkit: intuitive, easy to set up as desired, can be implemented within one day, and easy to expand and/or link with other company software. It is first and foremost a toolkit for the shop floor, because process improvement starts with involved production employees! Max Marinissen, managing director of FullFact Solutions, talks about it.

Why was Fullfact founded?
Marinissen: ‘FullFact Solutions was founded in 2005 to develop the OEE Toolkit software further. Our office is located at the Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, where we work on the OEE Toolkit with 10 employees. Our mission is to improve the quality of working life of at least 1 million production employees. We do this by providing the shop floor and management with a common language, based on facts and figures. A language that says everything about the prevailing losses in the use of a plant and its machinery. This language is the Overall Equipment Effectiveness, or OEE.’

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of a production line is a multiplication of a number of factors, all of which are between 0% and 100%. OEE includes machine availability, relative performance, and product quality. The higher the OEE, the greater the likelihood that scheduled production capacity will produce the maximum achievable yield!

‘When applied correctly, OEE measurements form the foundation for productivity strategies like TPM, Lean and Six Sigma,' Marinissen continues. 'Our primary product is the OEE Toolkit, which allows you to easily collect and analyze OEE data. This toolkit was the very first commercially available OEE software in 1995. This came from the need of Japanese-based Continuous Improvement (CI) trainers and facilitators in the implementation of World Class Performance.’

‘To this day, we see it as our task, in the context of CI, to offer the best toolset for OEE measurements.'

What makes your approach distinctive?
‘We help production and packaging companies in the food, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries to realize maximum added value by making it visible (in real time) where they are losing productivity. We do this with the OEE Toolkit since 1995. We are therefore the experts in the field of OEE, with over 150 customers worldwide.'

‘What distinguishes us from competitors who now also offer OEE software, is that our OEE Toolkit is primarily intended for the shop floor. We believe that involving the production employees is crucial to achieve sustainable improvement, in terms of "halving and doubling". That's why we have the production floor in mind first and foremost, but from there of course also the staff and management.'

'By enabling the production floor to actually demonstrate what is lacking technically and organizationally in and around the plant, we give a voice to those who are responsible for generating the value by producing the products in the plant every day. At the same time, staff departments are given the opportunity to get to work with concrete facts.'

'Collecting the right data in a smart way, and using it for in-depth analyses. is, in our opinion, much more effective than collecting a lot of data in the hope of doing something with it one day.'

'The OEE Toolkit is delivered turn-key, so measurements can start immediately. When working with one of our CI-consultancy partners, there is also a "warm transfer" after delivery of the technical part. We can also realize this in cooperation with other parties or in-house consultants or CI coaches. Often we work closely with the client's IT department and technical department to coordinate this.'

‘Because the OEE Toolkit is intuitive and user-friendly, it can be quickly put into use, and easily scaled up if required. There are several optional modules including:

  • Web Dashboard Module for real-time information on monitors, displays, smartphones, and tablets
  • Order Module for passing on production orders from ERP applications
  • CMMS module for linking with maintenance applications

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What improvement methods does the OEE Toolkit support?
‘We support all improvement strategies that are bottom-up focused, including Lean, Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). Our software development department works according to the Agile method. This means developing new functionality in short sprints and with rapid customer feedback.'

What market sectors do you focus on?
‘You'll come across our OEE Toolkit wherever machines are running. Our focus is on FMCG, Food & Beverage and Pharma. High volume, high mix production, accompanied by regular changeovers.’

'Our OEE Toolkit was developed in 1995 and currently our product is installed in 38 countries. The focus is on the Benelux and German-speaking regions. As a rule, our customers have at least 5 installations on which OEE is measured.’

What consulting partners do you work with?
‘In the Dutch-speaking area these includes Voluyt, Wojata and Blom Consultancy. We have several other partners in Belgium, Germany, France, Denmark, North and South America, South Africa and Malaysia.'

What is the division in attention between the technical and organizational side?
‘In the ideal situation, we work closely with CI partners on the shop floor when implementing the OEE Toolkit. These can be internal or external CI consultants or coaches. Whereas the focus of these process improvers is almost entirely on CI, our focus is on developing and improving the right tools for it.'

'That said, everything we develop is made with the users and their behavior in mind. Relevant questions then include: What do we want to achieve with this tool, graph or report? And what behavior are we eliciting when we automate certain things, and is this what we want?'

Fullfact Solutions BV

How do you ensure that results stick?
‘Various licensing models provide for the software to remain as up-to-date as possible. We are constantly developing our product and applying new techniques. Through our Customer Care program we maintain intensive contact with all our relations regarding technical and functional wishes and developments.'

'Annually, we organize the Customer Advisory Board Meeting, to align input from our relationships with our product roadmap, In addition, we share knowledge intensively through our support portal.'

What are notable results among users of the OEE Toolkit?
‘Our OEE Toolkit now records the OEE of about 5,000 machines worldwide, at Refresco, GSK, Bayer, Wienerberger, Cloetta, Vezet, A-ware, DeKuyper, Niacet and Cosun Beet Company. Our customers realize at least 20-35% productivity improvement within a year.'

'If the client wishes, we can provide an estimate of the potential Return on Investment of the OEE Toolkit prior to implementation.'

What OEE training do you provide?
‘We offer various training courses in direct relation to our software, from operator training to administrator and IT training. In cooperation with our CI partners, a whole series of courses aimed at improving effectiveness are also available, such as: OEE Awareness Workshop, OEE Definition Management, OEE Improvement Workshop, OEE Refresh Training and other Continuous Improvement courses. All these training courses can be part of the introduction, installation and use of our OEE Toolkit. Or they can be used later in the process, for example when the increase in OEE is stabilizing and could use a new boost.'

 Do you (co-)organize seminars, conferences or company visits?
‘Recently we organized a series of knowledge sessions (webinars) on our OEE Toolkit, partly with input from our business contacts. We are also a member of the European Co-Packers Association (ECPA), and provide talks and webinars in this context. On request, we can provide content specialists as speakers. We can also organize a company visit if required.'

Are there job openings within your company?
‘We regularly have vacancies for e.g. software developers. Internships are also continuously facilitated.'

What sources of information do you recommend?
'First, the book OEE for operators and managers by Bert Teeuwen. It describes the use and philosophy behind the use of OEE measurements to achieve continuous improvement.'

‘For the OEE definition, our consultants work with the OEE Industry Standard. We also share a lot of knowledge about working with OEE through our website, YouTube and by way of social media.'

How can people reach you?
‘'We are happy to speak to interested people in person. Call us at +31880112900, go to our website fullfact.com or visit us at our office in the BIC in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.'

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