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Additions readers, article Reinventing Organizations

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Additions readers, article Reinventing Organizations

Postby Jaap1_Business-improvement.eu » Mon Jun 23, 2014 11:08 am

Will more freedom and responsability lead to more enthousiasm, involvement and in the end more profit, as is stated in the book Reinventing Organizations? Are these kind of principles applied in your own company and why (not)?

Below, find additions of our readers to the article: Organizations free and agile like a swarm of birds, review Reinventing Organizations.

Additions of readers are not only placed on the forum, but are published at the same time in a box in the corresponding article!

You can always adjust or remove your own contribution, without a time limit. As author of a contribution, your username will be visible. If you want to add more information about yourself, you can add this to your user profile on the forum. Readers can access this profile by way of a link under your username.

To post a contribution, you need a password for business-improvement.eu. Registrate for free to get such a password.

Proper additions discuss briefly one subject and contain no commercial information. Click on “post reply” below, to post your addition to the article mentioned above!
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