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Advertising: information
Source: Business-improvement.eu
Advertising on this site is possible from only 29€ (about 31 US$) a month

Your banner will then be placed on - for example - all pages within the site section Lean or Six Sigma.

Although business-improvement.eu is a completely independent site, we like to stay in in close contact with our advertisers. Fore example, they can suggest ideas for new articles, and we visit their websites regularly to see what kind of advise or software they are offering. We sometimes call our advertisers 'sponsors', because they are seen and treated that way. Our advertisers make this site possible!. To show our gratitude for that, small versions of their banners are for example included for free in our newsletters and are placed adjacent to our forum. In addition, advertisers can place their own case-descriptions for free on this site.

Request (without obligations) a quotation!

Eight reasons to start advertising:

  1. The Dutch sister site procesverbeteren.nl has - after 15 years - become a very popular site with excellent Google.nl rankings (for example position 2 for Lean, and position 1 for TPM and TOC). A similar gradual rise in popularity and findability is expected for business-improvement.eu, and of course there will be - after a while - much more unique visitors because this site is in English! Until this is the case, new advertisers pay low introductory tariffs, which will stay low for them during a full year (see point 2)

  2. For each new advertiser their rate is fixed for one year. After that, your advertising period ends automatically, and you will get a new offer, without any obligations.

  3. A small version of your banner is placed for free in our newsletters and adjacent to our forum.

  4. Advertisers can place two job positions concurrently for free, during their entire advertising period.

  5. Advertisers can place (at maximum) five case-descriptions for free on this site, in pdf-format. Together, these cases may not exceed 4 MB.

  6. In addition to the banners, there are a lot of drop-down menu's, buttons and links to lists of advertisers who can help to implement a certain improvement method. Here is an example of such a list for Lean. These lists are used by companies to find matching implementation partners, so this raises the chance of new leads for you.

  7. Your banners and description can be changed every three months, for free.

  8. When you become an advertiser at business-improvement.eu, it is possible to advertise with the same profile on procesverbeteren.nl, with a discount of 35%.